The Con Espressione Game


Here are five recordings of the same piece of classical music (W.A. Mozart, Piano Sonata K.545, "Sonata facile", 2nd movement), as played by 5 different pianists (whose identity is not disclosed here). Please listen to these five excerpts, in any order, and as many times as you wish, and try to think of words (if possible, adjectives) that, to you, best describe the character of each performance. Enter these in the appropriate boxes to the right. You may enter as many words as you wish. To be able to submit your responses, please fill in all the boxes.

Your responses will be recorded in an absolutely anonymous way (only the words will be stored in our database, no IP addresses or any other information). In due course, we will analyse the responses in order to find out if there are any common trends, any traces of agreement in the perception of expressive character between different human listeners. The results may then be reported in some project-related publication.

Thank you for your help!